A REAL Solutions Options Counselor is a trained and experienced professional who helps older adults and their families find REAL solutions for the challenges of aging.

They assess the living situation, review medical and care needs, and quickly sort through the available services to find options for you and your family. They recommend available services, make care arrangements, and provide oversight and continued support.

  • Assess current situation
  • Review for needs
  • Recommend options
  • Make arrangements
  • Provide oversight
  • Maintain continuous support
  • Ensure the highest quality of life is


Rachel Lauer, MSW

After assessing the living situation, medical and care needs, available services, and options are thoroughly
reviewed for the older adult as well as their family.

Together we examine the services and their availability and explore all sound options for the person in our care.

Arrangements are made and oversight is provided, along with continued support to the seniors' family.

The highest quality of life is ensured for your loved one.

Let’s schedule a time to talk.

We provide options, individuals and families make the final choices.

For more information, contact:
Phone: 574-381-8982
Email: rachel.lauer@realservices.org


An Options Counselor provides a variety of services, including:

  • Crisis intervention
  • Assessment and care planning in areas such as social needs, home safety, medical advocacy, legal, financial, and end-of-life planning

  • Communication enhancement among family members

  • Coordination of care

  • Navigation of Medicare, Social Security, and other benefits

  • Assistance with relocation, including providing options for appropriate facilities and coordinating services

  • Ongoing monitoring of care, services, and well-being

Why we're needed

Frequently, as an older adult’s health declines and needs change, family members try to make important decisions and make them quickly.

They may not have the time or expertise to research appropriate options. It can be difficult to provide help, access needed information, and make good choices simultaneously.

Hiring a REAL Solutions Options Counselor can save you time and money. We provide expert assistance, allowing you to continue working and taking care of other family obligations while ensuring your loved one is receiving personalized, professional services to enrich their quality of life.