REAL Services operates according to a number of central values which guide the development of policies and programs.

  1. We believe in the inherent dignity of human beings.
  2. We believe that all people are important, and that every individual has equal rights and must have equal opportunities. We take strong measures to ensure that every individual with whom we deal is treated courteously, and with compassion and understanding.
  3. All affairs will be conducted according to high ethical standards and with personal integrity.
  4. In discharging funds entrusted to us, we will ensure that fiscal matters are conducted with accuracy, in accordance with principles of good financial management and with complete integrity, and that the maximum amount of quality services are provided for each dollar expended.
  5. From the opportunities available to us, we will use our best judgment in selecting those which are most needed by those we serve, provide the best return in services for expenditures, and are within our managerial capacity.
  6. Programs to meet needs should be of high quality, developed in a timely fashion, and be well maintained.
  7. We will face our problems squarely, be diligent in seeking the most beneficial solutions, and be courageous in taking proper action regardless of difficulties encountered.
  8. We believe that any static organization becomes stagnant and ineffective, so we will be constantly alert to any opportunities we have to expand our services.
  9. We believe that good management must quickly and effectively confront and resolve situations that conflict with our mission.


REAL Services, Inc., and its designated representatives, shall protect the confidentiality of information about all clients it serves and shall comply with all applicable legal requirements.

Client files, information, and description of services rendered shall be maintained and/or discussed in a private secure manner, where confidential information cannot be accidentally disclosed.

REAL Services shall protect the confidentiality of information about all employees within all applicable legal requirements. All efforts will be made to prevent inadvertent release of information that would constitute an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy.

Personnel records will be maintained in accordance with all federal, state, and local laws and agency standardized recording practices and procedures.