President and Chief Executive Officer

Location: South Bend
Department: Administration
FLSA Status: Exempt
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REAL Services forges a community in which individuals are empowered to maintain their independence and find meaning and satisfaction throughout their lives. We offer services in 12 counties across Northern Indiana, including Elkhart, Fulton, Jasper, Kosciusko, Lake, LaPorte, Marshall, Newton, Porter, Pulaski, Starke, and St. Joseph.

About REAL Services

REAL Services provides programs that promote nutrition, self-sufficiency, education and protection for more than 40,000 people in northern Indiana each year. (The name initially represented “Resources for Enriching Adult Life.”) Created in May of 1966 as part of the planning division of United Way, REAL Services was established to develop a service network to meet the needs of older adults in St. Joseph County. In 1967, REAL Services received the first federal grant in Indiana from the U.S. Administration on Aging (AOA) for Research and Development. This grant funded the Information, Counseling and Referral (ICR) program, which originally sent interviewers door-to-door with questionnaires to determine the immediate needs of the elderly in the community. With this information, REAL Services referred seniors to the appropriate health, welfare, employment, housing, legal aid, and other relevant community resources. As a result of the ICR program, a directory of community services for older adults was prepared and distributed, and new programs were developed to achieve any unmet needs of the elderly in the community.

In 1968, REAL Services designed the first program in the U.S. to establish nutrition sites providing meals and socialization for older adults – a program which served as a model for nutrition assistance across the country. REAL Services has established itself not only as a statewide leader, but as a national example in effectively serving the senior community through innovative ideas, competent management and sound financial guidance. Without REAL Services, more than 5,000 older adults each year would need to move to nursing homes in order to receive the care they need, and 2,000 people in the community would not have access to food each day. The staff and volunteers at REAL Services work tirelessly, helping people of all ages, races, nationalities and income levels maintain their integrity and independence, and achieve satisfaction in their lives. To accomplish these results, REAL Services runs nearly 30 distinct programs promoting nutrition, self-sufficiency, education and protection for over 40,000 people in northern Indiana each year. Key programs include:

Caregiver Support

REAL Services offers informative resources and training for caregivers committed to serving those in need. Caring for family or community members in need can be a significant time commitment. REAL Services is dedicated to ensuring that caregivers have access to the support and training needed in order to offer care compassionately, while also staying current with the best care methods and latest information. Caregiver Support programs and services include the Aging & Disability Resource Center, Alzheimer’s and Dementia Services of Northern Indiana, the Adult Guardianship Services Program and the Guardian Partner Program.

Supporting Communities for all Ages

The Area Agency on Aging of REAL Services conducts community Needs Assessments to facilitate planning for an aging society. At the same time, certified and trained staff members assess the needs of individual older and disabled adults to help them remain in their homes for as long as possible. REAL Services ‘staff members approve services, such as home health care, ramps, adult day services, and more, based on the unique needs of each person. About 3,000 elderly and disabled clients are able to remain in their homes each year because of the work of the Area Agency on Aging at REAL Services.

Community Action

The unpredictable nature of life can wreak havoc on those without access to sufficient resources: disease, job loss and a variety of other changes can occur without warning and can cause financial strain. The Community Action programs help individuals and families understand and effectively manage their finances. REAL Services offers financial guidance and support, education and also advocates for clients to have access to any services they may need but are unable to afford.

Household Assistance

Through REAL Services’ household assistance programs, the organization assists low-income households with electric and heating expenses during the winter months, rental assistance for those adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and weatherization services to better prepare homes for the winter season.

Meals and Nutrition

REAL Services and a team of dedicated volunteers deliver meals in St. Joseph and Elkhart, Indiana counties to adults 60+ years of age who can neither prepare adequate meals for themselves nor have meals prepared for them. The Meals on Wheels program serves thousands in the community and is essential to providing nourishment, helping participants remain healthy, reduce hospital stays and promote faster healing. For some, a REAL Services volunteer may be the only human interaction they have in a day.


Through state and federal funding, as well as private donations, REAL Services provides seniors  with transportation for more than 14,000 trips to doctor and banking appointments, Medicaid and Social Security offices, the grocery store, and other places they cannot reach on their own.

Care Connections Center

REAL Services recently has entered into a collaboration with The Foundation for the Center for Hospice & Palliative Care, Inc. (dba Hospice Foundation), to create the first dementia daytime care facility in the U.S. that integrates immersion programming and comprehensive caregiver training into its continuum of care. It will be located at Center for Hospice Care’s Roseland facility which is being transformed into what will be known as the Care Connections Center at Milton Village. The facility will also become home to:

• Milton Village
• Alzheimer’s and Dementia Services of Northern Indiana
• The Institute for Excellence in Memory Care
• Caregiver Resource Center

This innovative approach will provide new methods of caring for those diagnosed with various forms of dementia. Unique in concept and design, the facility incorporates innovative principles and input from world-renowned dementia care experts, notably the Vivium Care Group of the


REAL Services manages “Simply Catering to You” as well as a food truck known as The REAL Grille. 100% of the profits fund the Meals on Wheels program.


There are few, if any other, nonprofit organizations in the Northern Indiana region with the scale and programmatic scope of REAL Services. The next REAL Services President and CEO will have the opportunity to serve more than 40,000 clients throughout 12 counties and oversee a $28M organization with a comprehensive portfolio of nearly 30programs, including a staff of 256. While following a long-term esteemed leader brings the need to maintain and prioritize the current positive organizational culture and sense of community, the President and CEO role also affords the opportunity to bring updates to this highly respected organization that will enhance and increase effectiveness, productivity and – ultimately – even greater impact. The next President and CEO will have the opportunity to initiate the next strategic planning cycle, modernize the work environment, reassess the building and location strategy and serve as the face of the organization to clients, stakeholders and neighbors throughout Northwest Indiana. As the State of Indiana moves potentially towards a managed care environment, the next President and CEO will interact externally to monitor activities that may impact the regulatory environment. While doing so, the President and CEO will audit the internal organization structure and help to develop and empower director-level leaders for ongoing stability and strength within REAL Services.

Position Summary

Reporting to the Board of Directors of REAL Services, the President and CEO is responsible for the overall leadership of the organization to ensure delivery of the highest quality services, while safeguarding and growing its financial resources. As the servant leader of the organization, the President and CEO is responsible for:

  • Leading the development process and implementing a comprehensive strategic plan to address the growing needs of REAL Services and its community.
  • Providing oversight and participation in the organization’s overall fund development strategy including donor cultivation, major gifts solicitation, corporate and foundation grants, capital campaigns, and promoting a culture of giving.
  • Leading and managing a team of paid and volunteer staff while fostering an empowering organizational climate that develops and enhances staff morale and competencies.
  • Assuring goals are accomplished, engaging with human resource matters, and guiding the application of all policies and procedures.
  • Developing and managing the organization’s overall finances, ensuring that the agency has the resources needed to fulfill its mission. Assuring compliance with all grants and contracts.
  • Serving as the key spokesperson for REAL Services, providing a charismatic and compassionate presence with both internal and external communities and constituents.
  • Providing vision and innovative thinking to address future challenges and opportunities.
  • Collaborating with other leaders and decision-makers in the broader human services community.

Candidate Profile

REAL Services’ next President and CEO will be a proactive, forward thinking leader with vision, skill and a deep passion for the independence, strength and dignity of community members. REAL Services’ purpose and its impact should drive and excite this individual. Candidates will demonstrate leadership qualities that bring a collaborative atmosphere and inspiration to the organization. The ideal candidate will possess exceptional management abilities highlighted by a track record of multiple-service program administration, business and financial acumen, exceptional written and verbal communication skills, comfort and proficiency with public speaking, and a demonstrated presence within human service and philanthropic communities.

Candidates must have the ability to establish and maintain a strong presence in the community and be able to work with all types of people and personalities: people of all ages and backgrounds, government leaders, donors, and families and individuals who may struggle to make ends meet. The successful candidate will be a natural relationship builder and have a communicative, friendly and – above all – approachable demeanor. He/she will ideally be familiar with the communities served by REAL Services, or be willing to get up to speed quickly on such matters.

REAL Services’ next leader should be a strategic thinker and problem solver without seeking or desiring to solve every problem themselves; a healthy and intentional reliance on REAL Services’ staff and volunteers (including board members) is required. He/she must be able to demonstrate effective management approaches in building consensus, identifying solutions to multifaceted problems and acting with decisiveness. Experience in managing, developing and empowering highly qualified human service professionals is required. A proven ability to coach, inspire and motivate employees and volunteers in multiple locations is essential to ensure that REAL Services’ culture of service, integrity, respect and commitment is consistent wherever services are provided. The next leader will bring a sense of humility, developing and respecting the knowledge and abilities of the surrounding team.

Candidates must have a sound business and financial background and be interested in the financial status and sustainability of the agency. He/she should understand government reimbursements and contracts and yet have experience with multiple services and revenue sources. The next President and CEO will have experience leading a similar-sized organization with multiple program and service lines. He/she will have demonstrated experience in thinking proactively, in being willing to try new ideas, and in successfully growing an organization in order to serve more people in a sustainable fashion.

The next leader will be skilled in fundraising and will demonstrate collaborative relationships with funders, potential donors and other sources of financial support. This person must be willing to serve as a compelling and credible public advocate for the promulgation of policies and legislation that promote the fulfillment of REAL Services ‘mission.

Experience in board relations is required, as is the ability to build and maintain a strong, collaborative and mutually supportive relationship with the Board of Directors.

A bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year college or university is required. A graduate degree in a human service related field is strongly desired.

REAL Services is committed to a policy of equal employment opportunity and to a practice of diversity, equity, and inclusion as reflected in our values. REAL Services aims to attract and retain a diverse and dynamic team to contribute to its mission.

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